Program Management

  • Program and Project Management
  • Acquisition Management
  • Accounting and Budget Management
  • Administrative Services

Program and Project Management

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Configuration Management
  • Schedule
  • Risk Management
  • Budget
  • Expenditure Tracking
  • Requirements Definition and Analysis
  • Market studies and analyses
  • Cost benefit analyses
  • Mission needs statements
  • Concepts of operations
  • Statements of work and objectives
  • Detailed technical evaluations of methods and products
  • Contract strategies and acquisition planning
  • Deliverables review and earned value management reporting
  • Life cycle management

Acquisition Management

DHA has extensive experience with the Federal acquisitions arena.  Our employees are fluent in the language of government contracts, and provide expert guidance to our clients on a "cradle-to-grave" basis. Creation of Pre-Award Documents, such as:

  • Acquisition Plans
  • Statements of Work/Objectives
  • Source Selection Plans
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates
  • Sole Source Justifications and Approvals
  • Determinations and Findings
  • Requests for Information/Quote/Proposal
  • Evaluation Score Sheets, Evaluation Reports, Award De-briefings
Assistance with Post-Award Contract Management
  • Performing Invoice Review and Verification
  • Drafting Official Contract Correspondence
  • Documenting Vendor Performance
  • Tracking Contract Expenditures
  • Supporting Contract Modifications


DHA is adept at understanding and complying with Federal accounting and budget policy.  We don't just provide guidance, we are ready to research, prepare and execute complex financial statements in accordance with our clients' needs. Preparation of financial documents

  • Balance Sheets
  • Accounting Statements
  • OMB 300 Documentation
  • Auditing Services
  • Voucher Examiners
  • Budget Analysts
  • Payroll Clerks


DHA understands the administrative needs of both government and private sector executives. Our staff members provide value by executing the day-to-day tasks which allow our clients to focus on the complex issues at hand.

  • Schedule and Calendar Maintenance 
  • Copying, faxing, filing
  • Drafting correspondence
  • Meeting minutes
  • Inventory tracking and re-ordering
  • Meeting scheduling and preparation
  • Travel Arrangements