IG Report Blames Rollout of Healthcare.gov on Lax Program Management

The Inspector General recently released a report which places responsibility for the dysfunctional rollout of the HealthCare.gov website on lack of oversight and program management of contractors by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The report also exposed concerning unethical behavior in the ways in which major contracts were awarded. Learn more about this report in today’s blog.


Program management is especially important when overseeing contractors.

IG Report Blames Rollout of Healthcare.gov on Lax Program Management

Earlier this week the Department of Human Services Inspector General released the report on the rollout of HealthCare.gov which analyzed 20 of the most crucial contracts that were awarded from 2010-2014. The report illuminated numerous examples of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) flouting contract terms and federal requirements.

The report found many examples of contracting officers failing to appropriately manage and oversee these contracts, despite federal requirements. These contractors assisted in developing websites, creating and maintaining an internal data services system, and other computer-related systems. It was found that CMS failed to require contracting officer’s representatives to provide proof of necessary certification for the management of major IT contracts.

Furthermore, the report found that the CMS neglected to maintain records of the steps it took to mediate contract actions. The Inspector General cited this lack of appropriate oversight as a major contributing factor in unauthorized and additional costs and unexpected delays in website rollouts and other important deadlines.

Concerns have been raised about possible unethical behavior in regards to conflicts of interest in the ways in which contracts were awarded. One member of the panel that was responsible for awarding one of the project’s largest contracts was found to have formerly subcontracted for the agency that ultimately won the contract. This finding was revealed during an audit that was requested from Congress.

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