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How You Can Benefit from Third Party IT Support from DHA

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014


Your operation needs to be focused on priority tasks at all times in order for it to be successful. Dealing with IT issues such as basic services, security, and data hosting takes away time that would be better spent on higher priority tasks. Nevertheless, IT is a vital component of your operation, forming the backbone that allows countless objectives to be pursued and accomplished. In order to fully realize the potential of your operation, you need third party IT support from DHA.


Third party IT support ensures that all of your essential IT functions are not only accounted for but fine tuned for the best possible performance. Learn about the third party IT support services DHA offers below.


IT Services


Our IT services include:


  • Website Development
  • System Administration
  • Data Integration
  • Infrastructure
  • Help Desk Support
  • System Validation and Verification Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping


IT Security


IT security has never been more important than it is now. You need confidential and sensitive information to be secured from hackers and intrusion attempts. We understand the critical importance of IT security in today’s world, and strive to be on the cutting edge of IT security. We offer:


  • ISO
  • Network and Physical Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Risk and Vulnerability Management (Penetration Testing)


Data Hosting


You need data hosting and storage you can trust. Data needs to be accessible at all times, but it also needs to be secure. We provide turn-key data hosting solutions customized to fit your needs.


  • TurnKey Services
  • Tape Media Storage
  • Rack and Stack
  • Power and Cooling


third party IT solution



An award-winning management consulting and contracting firm primarily serving federal, civilian and defense agencies, DHA group supports clients’ mission-critical work by delivering expert professional services. Follow us on social media on FacebookLinkedInTwitter or Google+.


How Can Your Operation Benefit from Third Party IT Support?

Thursday, September 4th, 2014


If program and project management are the backbone of an operation, then IT is its nervous system. The complex infrastructure of an IT program requires innovative solutions to keep it going. Scalability, efficacy, and efficiency are all vital to the success of an IT program.


All operations recognize the importance of a comprehensive IT solution. However, not all operations have the necessary resources to achieve this goal. This is where a third party vendor solution comes in. Third party IT support is designed to help your organization reach its IT goals without losing sight of the main goal. By allowing a third party vendor to take over some or all of your IT operations, you can refocus on the big picture and important tasks. DHA offers third party IT support in the following areas.


IT Security


Data breaches, data leaks, hacking, viruses, vulnerabilities. It’s not hard to find a story these days about a successful breach of a large corporate IT operation. It is absolutely critical that your IT be protected from outside attacks. DHA covers your IT assets with ISO, network and physical security, critical infrastructure protection, and risk and vulnerability management to ensure you’re always protected.


IT Services


Under the umbrella of IT are a litany of essential services. DHA understands how to integrate our expertise with your program to deliver results. From system administration and help desk support to website development, data integration and infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive approach to IT that leaves no stone unturned.


Data Hosting


With the large data storage requirements of many organizations comes the need for an effective and efficient data store solution. Our turnkey hosting solutions offer the best of both worlds: safe, protected and reliable storage that is accessible wherever and whenever it is needed.




The ability for an organization to communication both within and without itself enables it to succeed. Our enterprise BlackBerry Deployment/Management and SCTV telecommunications solutions ensure that you’re always in touch.


third party IT solution


To learn more about our third party IT solutions, contact DHA Group today. An award-winning management consulting and contracting firm primarily serving federal, civilian and defense agencies, DHA group supports clients’ mission-critical work by delivering expert professional services. Follow us on social media on FacebookLinkedInTwitter or Google+.


Professional IT Support and Innovative IT Solutions

Friday, May 16th, 2014


For operations large and small, an IT system capable of handling everything it’s given is critical for success. With the speed of technological advancements in IT, it can be hard to keep up, but it’s absolutely necessary to do so. If you find that your IT needs are not being met internally, third-party IT support is a solution that can work for you. From security to data hosting, DHA offers comprehensive IT support that will put your IT on track and drive the growth of your operation.



IT Security


Perhaps one of the most pressing concerns in IT, security has never been more important. With the amount of malicious programs, viruses, and hackers in the cybersphere, an emphasis on IT security is a must. DHA handles everything from network and physical security to critical infrastructure protection. Penetration testing allows us to approach security from the opposite perspective to determine where weaknesses are, and how to fix them.


Data Hosting


The sheer volume of data managed by most IT systems necessitates an effective backup storage solution. Data hosting from DHA is secure from threats, but accessible when you need it.




DHA can design and implement and integrated telecommunications solution that makes sure any and all communication is easily accomplished.


IT Services


The list of general IT needs of most operations is very long. DHA can shorten your to-do list with comprehensive IT services. From website development to system administration and help desk support, our IT services are efficient and effective.



third party IT support


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