Why Federal Agencies Should Entrust Program Management to Local Contractors

 Over the past decade, the movement to spend money locally has taken off. From locally grown produce to coffee that was roasted in your own neighborhood, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with ensuring that the money they spend benefits their community. While the Federal government has been a little slower to catch on, there are many reasons why government agencies should leave program management to local contractors. Read on to learn why Federal agencies should entrust their program management to local government contractors.


Trusting program management to local contractors is a smart move.

Why Federal Agencies Should Entrust Program Management to Local Contractors

By investing in local government contractors, Federal agencies can have a positive impact in the communities that their programs are meant to serve. Partnering with contractors who know the lay of the land can allow programs to be better poised to be more competitive than ones that are run by outsiders who aren’t familiar with local needs and don’t have strong community ties. A local provider will be able to provide valuable insight into the needs of the community that they are serving and will likely also have a better grasp on the specific contract requirements as they have been through it before. Local contractors are also more likely to be invested in the project: after all, they are working in their home community so it behooves them to perform well and see a project through to success. They will also likely have pre-existing relationships with other agencies that will ensure smooth implementation of your program.

Local contractors can also be better equipped to deliver programs management efficiently, effectively, and will often be better able to respond to the needs of the program. And when it comes to pricing, bids from contractors who are familiar with the lay of the land will often be a more realistic estimate of the budget that will be required to deliver the program effectively.

Furthermore, keeping money in the local economy can actually have a positive impact on the program itself. By creating local jobs and keeping tax dollars in the target areas served, the program can improve the economic self-sufficiency of a community. This lessens the burden on social service agencies and provides long-lasting benefits to communities that are in need of assistance.

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