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Program and project management are two essential components of the operations of agencies and enterprises in the public and private sectors. The goal of project management is to carry a project through from the early, conceptual stages through the end of its life. Program management occurs on a larger scale, with the goal of consolidating a number of projects together to form a cohesive whole with a unified goal.


Strategic Planning 


Configuration Management




Risk Management




Expenditure Tracking


Requirements Definition and Analysis


Market studies and analyses


Cost benefit analyses


Mission needs statements


Concepts of operations


Statements of work and objectives


Detailed technical evaluations of methods and products


Contract strategies and acquisition planning


Deliverables review and earned value management reporting


Life cycle management


Acquisition Management


Acquisition of government contracts is a major goal of private sector businesses. Our experience in federal contract acquisition will help your business acquire and retain the contracts you need. Learn more in our blog.




Complying with Federal accounting and budget policy can be confusing to say the least. While it is mandated, spending too much time on accounting and documentation can be a drain on internal resources. DHA can assist with preparation of important financial documents to ensure you meet Federal requirements, and free up your own resources for other tasks. We offer:


Balance Sheets


Accounting Statements


OMB 300 Documentation


Auditing Services


Voucher Examiners


Budget Analysts


Payroll Clerks


program management


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