How Program Management from DHA Creates Results


Large-scale programs require a comprehensive approach to management that is geared towards results. Each component of program management, from program governance, to infrastructure and planning is essential in ensuring that the program meets its goals. DHA offers strategic program management for your operation designed to meet the goals of your organization. From federal agencies to civilian enterprises, program management is essential for the success of your operation.


Program Management from DHA


Our comprehensive program management services cover every facet of your program. From strategic planning and conceptualization, to cost benefit analyses, to acquisition planning and management and deliverables review, we use our extensive experience in project management to create the results you need. We provide:


-Strategic Planning

-Configuration Management


-Risk Management


-Expenditure Tracking

-Requirements Definition and Analysis

-Market studies and analyses

-Cost benefit analyses

-Mission needs statements

-Concepts of operations

-Statements of work and objectives

-Detailed technical evaluations of methods and products

-Contract strategies and acquisition planning

-Deliverables review and earn


Learn More About Program Management


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-Learn how program governance works to align the many interests of a program into a unified vision.

-Learn how to the hierarchy of program management works to ensure a strategic approach.

-Learn how the financial needs of a program are managed relative to the goal of the program.

-Learn how the complex parts of a program are incorporated into the program’s infrastructure.

-Learn how program planning builds the program from the ground up and refines it into a smooth running operation.



program management infrastructure


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