How Government Contractors Should Prepare For a Possible Government Shutdown

Rumors have been flying about a possible government shutdown coming on October 1st. While no one knows for sure whether the government shutdown will come to fruition, it is still wise for government contractors to establish a plan for what they will do in the case of a shutdown. Read on for ideas of what all contractors should do to prepare for a possible government shutdown.


Smart contractors should create a plan for how they will weather a possible government shutdown.

How Government Contractors Should Prepare For a Possible Government Shutdown


Take stock of your contracts

Spend some time looking through your contracts to analyze which contracts are vital to your business and where their funding comes from. Do they depend on multi-year funding or appropriations delivered annually? Certain agencies may be able to set up a contract in advance if losing that contract would create health or property risks so check in with your vital contracts to find out their status. And pay attention to whether your employees work at government sites and would be at risk for furloughs.


Talk to your agencies

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, it is important to be communicative with the agencies you work with. Prepare for a worst-case-scenario by investigating what operations will have to cease in the case of a shutdown and ask employees at the agencies you work with for advice about the potential timeline and scope of a shutdown. They may be able to offer valuable insight that will help you weather the storm, should it arise. Because contracting officers aren’t generally considered to be essential personnel, they are often the first to go so it is important to plan ahead and be aware of possible outcomes.


Mitigate risk

Whether or not you fear the possibility of a shutdown, it is important to continue to meet established deadlines and expectations. Don’t miss out on opportunities simply because you’re worried about what the future may hold. Be smart about managing your own risk but not at the expense of your reputation.


Stay flexible

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a government shutdown contingency plan. Whiel it can be helpful to look at what other agencies have done or are planning to do in the face of a shutdown, only you can decide what will work for you and your staff.


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