Effective Program Management from DHA


Program management is an essential component of the operations of both public and private agencies. From strategic planning and analyses to production of deliverables, program management covers every facet of an operation. As such, you need to design a program that meets the needs and goals of your organization.


DHA is highly experience in program design and management for both public and private organizations. Our services include not only program and project management, but also acquisition management, accounting, and performance of administrative tasks. Learn more below about how we can help you build the successful program you need to reach your goals.


Program and Project Management


Program management involves the synthesis of a large number of interests in order to create a unified and driving force to build a successful operation. This is no easy task, and requires a significant amount of time, resources, and dedication to achieve. Our services run the gamut from initial planning to deliverable review, earned value management reporting, and life cycle management. You can learn more about more specific program management topics in the following blogs.


Program governance


Program planning


Program management hierarchy


Program infrastructure


Program finances


Acquisition Management


Government contracts are a huge driver of growth across many sectors of the economy. DHA has the experience to help you navigate the complex sphere of federal acquisitions and bid on the contracts you need. And once you’ve been awarded those contracts, we continue to assist with post-contract management, including documenting vendor performance and tracking contract expenditures.




A strong understanding of the federal accounting and budget policy is what DHA brings to the table. We provide everything from background research to execution of complex financial documents tailored for the needs of your organization. From OMB 300 documentation to voucher examiners, we can cover all of your accounting needs.


Administrative Tasks


Administrative tasks are an essential component of the everyday functions of an organization. While the big ideas may get all the attention, its the small administrative tasks that bring teams together to make them happen. From scheduling and correspondence to meeting minutes and travel arrangements, DHA can assist with all of your administrative needs.


program planning


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