An Overview of Program Management


Over the course of the past few weeks we’ve discussed the various aspects of program management, how they differ from project management, and how they fit together to create a cohesive whole. This week, we’ll summarize what we’ve discussed in our recent blogs to provide a basic overview of program management.


An Overview of Program Management


Program Governance


Program governance is the top of the management structure. Program governance is the task of aligning the many diverse interests and strategic directions that comprise a program into a single vision and direction. Program governance must define roles and powers of the many actors in the program so that they may execute their roles and use their powers in a way that contributes effectively to the end goal of the program.


Program Management Hierarchy


The hierarchy of program management is the structure of the top layer of governance of the program. The general hierarchy are the program sponsors/steering committee, the program manager/director, and the project manager. The steering committee defines the business and IT strategy of the program and determines how this will integrate with the business strategy of the enterprise as a whole.


Financial Program Management


The financial needs of a large program are diverse and complex. The Chief Financial Officer of the program takes a leading role in managing the program’s finances. He or she must define the goal of the program’s financial operations relative to the overall goal of the program, as well as justify and modify financial practices as necessary.


Program Infrastructure


The glue that holds the entire thing together, a program’s infrastructure is incredibly complex. The Program Management Office (PMO) is tasked with creating and maintaining the infrastructure of the program and ensuring that it continues to meet the needs of the program as a whole. The number of tasks that fall within this overarching goal is very large, and includes everything from resources coordination to budget administration and procurement, to training of staff.


Program Planning


Program planning is the process of building from the ground up the necessary projects that will comprise the program, integrating them into the program, and reviewing this integration to ensure it is as efficient and consistent as possible.


program governance


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