The Benefits of Facilities and Logistics Support from DHA


DHA offers comprehensive facilities and logistics support for clients in both the public and private sectors. We understand the importance of support in these areas, as they both serve to form the backbone of a successful operation. With facilities and logistics support, an operation can move forward and focus on mission-critical work.


Facilities and Logistics Support


Hardware and Software Supplies


The latest hardware and software are essential. They promote productivity and efficiency, ensuring that your operation is not held back by physical limitations. We work with the leaders of the modern IT infrastructure industry to bring you a definitive network of hardware and software suppliers. You can easily acquire the hardware and software equipment you need through our IT network. Additional services we offer include equipment installation, radios and surveillance cameras, and cable and cabling supplies and tools.


Inventory Management


Managing inventory is a big task that has a big bearing on your operation. Supplies need to be ordered, stored and distributed, all while being tracked on a 24/7 basis. We apply our extensive experience in inventory management to organize your inventory in the most efficient way possible, applying cost-saving techniques and strategic management to get the most out of your inventory. Services offered include warehousing, purchasing, and distribution.


facilities and logistics


For all of your facilities and logistics needs, trust the experience of DHA. An award-winning management consulting and contracting firm primarily serving federal, civilian and defense agencies, DHA group supports clients’ mission-critical work by delivering expert professional services. Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Google+.


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