GSA Yelp Partnership Opens Up Agencies to Public Review 


Do you want your complaints with public services like TSA and the IRS to be not only seen but also responded to in real time? GSA Yelp will now help fill that void.


The federal government wants the public to rate and rant about their experiences to try and help improve the performance of different branches.



GSA and Yelp are partnering to make it easier for the public to review government agencies online.


GSA Yelp Announcement


The GSA (general services administration) announced an agreement that gave government agencies access to their own Yelp pages to respond directly to feedback. While there will most likely be a transition period for agencies to respond to complaints and issues within 24 hours, this at least provides agencies the ability to directly interact with users who have had a poor experience or with people who just want to offer suggestions on how certain aspects could be improved upon.


Mixed Bag of Results for GSA Yelp


GSA allowing agencies to access their Yelp pages is bound to offer a mixed bag of results. Generally, individuals go online to leave reviews when their expectations have been thoroughly exceeded or leave feedback when they have been extremely disappointed. There are normally not people who go on to just report average or good experiences, so it may be hard to get a true feel for a typical experience early on. With the knowledge that agencies can actually respond now, however, more people may be open to sharing their experiences if they know they can receive a response. If users generally have the same type of issues, this will help the agencies look into improving or tweaking their operational process.


Quick Improvements Through GSA Yelp


While it may take time for agencies to have dedicated staff to quickly and accurately respond to concerns, Yelp at least allows agencies to inform the public of their hours of operations and services. The second benefit of agencies working through Yelp is the potential increase in interaction. If the public knows the agencies are going to actually see their complaints and suggestions, then it’s easy to assume that more and more people will offer their opinions. The agencies may not initially respond to every review, but they can at least start to gain a consensus from the public on what the agency may need to work on.


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