GSA Begins Schedule Contract Consolidation


After announcing last year that it was considering a major consolidation of its professional services contract schedules, the GSA is now making the first of its efforts that will continue over the next six months to bring this plan into action. In addition to consolidating the schedules contracts program, GSA is also planning a number of other changes that will be implemented over the course of 2015. Learn more about what GSA is doing in 2015 to improve schedules contracts in our blog.


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GSA Begins Schedule Contract Consolidation


Consolidating the Professional Services Contract Schedules


In August of last year, GSA announced that it wanted to, “make it easier for agencies to buy professional, management, technology and a host of other kinds of services from the schedule contracts,” wrote Federal News Radio. “To that end GSA, will consolidate seven different professional services contracts into what could end up being one mega-schedule.”


These seven schedules are:




Environmental Services


Financial Services or FABS


Professional engineering


Logistics worldwide or LogWorld


Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions or AIMS


Language services


GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service’s professional services category executive, Tiffany Hixson, noted that the idea was well received and that “huge efficiencies and benefits” will be realized once consolidation is completed. She also noted that the process had to be slowed down “based on where industry is at, not where we are at.” Hixson said the consolidation project should be complete by November, and possibly as early as October 1st.


“GSA is taking these customer-focused approaches as professional services spending decreased by 12 percent across government and by 14 percent with FAS between 2009 and 2013,” according to Federal News Radio. “Hixson said she hopes to increase GSA’s share of the addressable spend to 31 percent of all professional services by 2017, which would increase the total spending through GSA schedules by more than $7 billion.”


While it was initially uncertain whether the seven schedules would be able to be consolidated down into one, GSA is now acting with this goal in mind. A total of “440 professional services contractors owning more than 4,400 total schedules that need to migrate.” As of now, 50 have completed migration, 160 are in the process of being consolidated, and 200 still need to be consolidated. Vendors will receive a new 20-year contract as they migrate one or more of their schedules into the new consolidated schedule.


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