4 GSA Tools to Get Started Acquiring Federal Contracts

The US General Services Administration (GSA) offers a variety of tools help to remove some of the complication from applying and receiving federal contracts. We know it’s difficult to figure out the ins and outs federal contract but luckily there are four GSA tools that can help the whole process run much more smoothly.


GSA offers a number of tools to streamline contract acquisition.

1. Vendor Support Center

For vendors, this is a crucial tool when you are involved with a federal contract. The Vendor Support Center is the online source for researching the federal market, uploading information and reporting sales. Whether you have a current federal contract or a potential contract, this support center will have you maximize your success.

2. Per Diem Rates

One of the most helpful GSA tools of all is the Per Diem Rates page. You can find rates for federal travelers, including contractors, for whatever the fiscal year may be. The site allows you to search by city, state or zip code. There is even a mobile app, and you can see a list of factors that influence lodging rates.

3. Contractor Team Arrangements

Contractor team arrangements require that two or more GSA Schedule contractors work together to meet needs. This GSA tool provides a CTA training video and has a serious on the GSA Youtube playlist. Working under a team arrangement allows for a total solution rather than separate buys taking place. There is also a breakdown of CRAs vs. Prime/Subcontractor Relationships and what each entails.

4. Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rates

Not only can you find out reimbursement rates for you car, but the GSA provides reimbursement rates for airplanes, government-furnished automobiles and even motorcycles. This GSA tool provides you with a link to a website to calculate the mileage difference between airports. Asides from these great tools, the GSA website has a ton of great information to aid you in learning more about federal contracts.

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