OPM and GSA Seek to Expand Govt Access to Human Capital


The Office of Personnel Management and the General Services Administration are undergoing a joint effort to expand the access of government agencies to human capital strategy, in accordance with the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework. The effort seeks to target expanding access to training and development and organizational performance improvement as well. Another goal of the effort is to push the development of category management in government purchasing. Learn more in our blog.



GSA and OPM want to increase govt access to human capital.


OPM and GSA Seek to Expand Govt Access to Human Capital


The two government agencies announced their intentions on Monday with requests from proposals from human capital and training experts. The goal is to expand the access of all government agencies to human capital strategies, organizational performance improvement services, and training and development services in order to improve and streamline procurement across the government.


OPM is supervising spending on contracting for these services. “This acquisition solution ultimately will make it easier for federal agencies to get what they need in human capital services, when they need it,” said OPM Director Beth Cobert, quoted in Government Executive.


The joint initiative is part of a larger effort led by the Obama administration to streamline procurement using category management. Category management is used by many large companies in the private sector to manage their purchasing operations. Common areas of spending of all government agencies would be categorized, and then teams would be assigned to categories to improvement procurement across agencies. “About $270 billion of the $440 billion federal procurement budget goes toward common items.”


Government Executive continues:


“The new contract vehicles will provide standards and metrics to assess and improve human capital management; use merit systems principles to assess results; and improve human capital management in compliance with civil service laws and regulations, the two agencies said.”



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