Making Federal Acquisitions More Efficient

As the federal government falls under increasing scrutiny and greater expectations for efficiency, it is time to look in depth at ways to optimize federal agencies’ acquisitions practices. Agencies which deeply understand their goals and how their acquisitions help to achieve their goal will be the most successful moving forward.


Optimizing acquisitions practices is very important

Understanding the Goals


The agencies which demonstrate the most forward-thinking acquisitions strategies are the ones who align their acquisitions with their goals. Often, when a product or service is required, acquisition professionals will search for the cheapest option, or the option which has been used in the past, without doing further analysis or looking for the best value and effectiveness. This can either be because those in charge of acquisitions are not invested in the goals of the agency or simply because they do not have the expertise to understand which purchases achieve the best results and value. These problems can be addressed by promoting stakeholder interaction between those involved in acquisitions and those who their purchasing decisions will affect. This serves to both equip those involved in acquisitions with the tools they need to make informed and efficient purchases and hopefully increase their personal investment in the value of said purchases.


Consider Total Costs


When dealing with acquisitions, one cannot just consider upfront costs. Educating an agency’s procurement professionals on the total cost of asset ownership will allow them to make informed purchases. The world has become a much more globalized in recent years and understanding the wide variety of purchasing options and technologies available is necessary for the most efficient acquisition practices. Many agencies make the mistake of not seeking opportunities when previous solutions and technologies work reasonably well and when finding better alternatives would be difficult but possibly worthwhile in the long run. Educating acquisitions professionals to be on the lookout for more efficient opportunities is critical to creating a dynamic and effective organization.


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