How Government Agencies Can Improve Procurement Strategies


With government budgets coming under more scrutiny in recent years, it has become more important than ever to maximize what agencies can accomplish with their limited funding and minimize waste. To aid in these efforts, many agencies have also been required to provide increased transparency in their purchasing and budget. There are several ways to centralize and streamline the procurement process to increase transparency and reduce waste.

procurement meeting

Having a sound procurement strategy is very important


Analyze and Examine Markets and Spending


Sourcing has become truly globalized in recent years, and in order to get the best prices and optimize purchasing practices, make sure to explore all procurement options. Past contracts may not be worth renewing as new markets and new opportunities are constantly on the rise. In the same vein, fully mapping and analyzing your spending increases visibility and provides opportunities to uncover inefficiencies.


Promote Collaboration


Having an agency’s procurements handled by a single person or a small group of people can be quite efficient at times, but can also stifle possible innovations that others could contribute. Engaging stakeholders in purchases may provide a lot of insight from the expertise they hold. No one person knows the details about quality products in every area, seeking those who are knowledgeable about the purchases they require can ensure you get the best deal available. Training procurement professionals with the data management, collaborative, and relational skills they need is integral to efficient purchasing. Collaboration is not restricted to within an agency; unlike in the private sector, it is in every agency’s best interest to discuss and share their best business and procurement practices. Doing this can reveal common needs, combine contracts for volume discounts, find inter-agency inefficiencies, and once again, increase transparency.


Spread Knowledge


Good practices and successful programs have limited value if they are restricted to a single department or agency. Supporting innovation in the workplace and encouraging leadership to optimally use new practices and technologies that are available to them is very important.

In today’s competitive and global environment, training leadership in effective procurement practices is vital to success.

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