Getting Started with Procuring Federal Contracts


There are nearly 40,000 active federal contract opportunities on the FBO website right now. As a contractor or subcontractor just getting started with federal procurement, this can seem like a blessing and a curse. The sheer number of contracts available sounds promising, but navigating the complicated world of federal contracting is by no means easy. Learn how to get started with federal contracts, below.



Learn more about getting started with federal contracts, below.


Getting Started with Federal Contracts


Find Your Niche


Finding a niche will allow you to dedicate your focus and resources to procuring contracts within this niche. There may be nearly 40,000 active federal contract opportunities available right now, but what’s important is that a contractor has an area in which they can direct their focus.


Know What You Can Use to Your Advantage


As a small contractor, you may feel like it’s hard to get a leg up in a crowded field full of seasoned, larger competitors. Fortunately, the government makes efforts to get contractors of all sizes involved. There are a number of federal contracting opportunities that are specifically dedicated to minority owner/run businesses, businesses in underprivileged geographical areas, and businesses run by disabled veterans, just to name a few. There are of course a number of criteria that need to be met in order for a contractor to be classified as such, but if you’re able to meet the requirements, then it’s worth it to go after these contracts.


Even if you don’t meet the requirements for these kinds of opportunities, small contractors should always be aware that there are opportunities as subcontractors for larger contractors. You can register with large contractors who maintain lists of potential subcontractors for when they get a big job.




There’s a lot of paperwork to do, and in this internet age there is a lot of this process that can be done online. But nothing beats good old fashioned networking with real people. Narrow down potential contracts to just a couple of agencies, and then make sure to attend agency events aimed at contractors like yourself. Get to know people, and you never know what could happen.



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