Federal Agencies Are Meeting Sustainable Acquisition Goals


Federal agencies are doing their part to meet sustainable acquisition goals laid out by President Obama in an executive order three years ago, according to a new report from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Read more about the report in this week’s blog.





Federal Agencies Are Meeting Sustainable Acquisition Goals


The new report states that 17 of the 24 largest federal agencies buy sustainable products at least 95% of the time. The data in the report covers agency purchases from 2010-2013.


Federal agencies are required to submit data to the Federal Procurement Data System about their sustainable purchasing activities as a result of Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. This executive order was made by President Obama in 2009 in an effort to get the federal government to set an example by purchasing more sustainable goods and services.


Obama signed a new executive order just last month, EO 13693 – Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, which outlines new goals and requirements for federal agencies, “such as using remote building energy perforamnce assessment auditing technology and installing and monitoring advanced energy meters in all data centers by fiscal year 2018.


According to OFPP, the 17 agencies meeting sustainability goals is up from only 7 agencies meeting these gaols in 2011. In addition, “After three years of data, OFPP told lawmakers that seven agencies achieved 100 percent of the sustainability goal, which means that every product or service they bought in 2013 was energy efficient or water efficient or biobased or fit into one of the other four categories,” according to Federal News Radio. “Overall, OFPP reports agencies are including the requirements for sustainable products and services more total contract actions — 80,415 in 2013 up from 44,854 in 2010 — but total dollars remain fairly consistent with $22.7 billion in 2013 up from $22.4 billion in 2010.”


In related news, the GSA has been making news recently as it leads the way among federal agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about GSA’s efforts in our blog.


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