Post OPM Data Breach, Search For Contractor Begins


After it was recently revealed that a data breach at the Office of Personnel Management compromised the information of more than 21.5 million individuals, the fallout has been significant. And despite the fact that it has been two weeks since the announcement was made, the search for a contractor to notify affected individuals and provide identity-fraud protection services, has just begun. Learn more in our blog.


Post OPM Data Breach, Search for Contractor Begins

Post OPM Data Breach, Search for Contractor Begins


The OPM data breach began last year but was not announced until early June of this year. The first announcement in June revealed that the information of 4 million former and current federal employees had been compromised. Shortly after the announcement was made, officials discovered a second breach “that is believed to have compromised computer systems containing information related to the background checks of former current, and prospective federal employees, suggesting that the OPM breach is likely much larger than originally expected,” according to Tripwire. The total amount of data compromised is reported to exceed more than 21.5 million individuals.


Search for contractor begins.


The OPM is now working with the DoD to find a contractor to notify all of the affected individuals and provide them with identity fraud-protection services. “OPM has promised at least three years of credit monitoring and identity theft protection to the affected people,” according to Government Executive.


OPM hired contractor CSID to provide these services to 4.2 million individuals affected by the first (and smaller) data breach that was announced in June. However, CSID received criticism for how it handled the project, and is expected to face competition from other contractors such as LifeLock. However, LifeLock is also under scrutiny, as the Federal Trade Commission recently “accused it of violating a previous settlement with the agency.


According to the GSA, which put out a formal request for contractors on Thursday, no contractor will be selected until August 14th.


On Capitol Hill.


On Capitol Hill, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), recently announced she would introduce “two amendments to boost upgrades to the network systems and IT infrastructure and offer federal employees broader protections when personal information is compromised,” according to Federal News Radio. The first would provide $37 million to get network and IT improvements finished a year ahead of schedule. The second would offer federal employers $5 million in liability protection for damages related to identity theft, and at least 10 years of identity and credit-monitoring services.


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