New U.S. Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center Announced


The U.S. government recently announced the addition of a new component of its cybersecurity defense system. The U.S. Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) will be a new center modeled after the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center. The center will collect information from other intelligence agencies to analyze cybersecurity threats to help protect the nations virtual interests.


The creation of the CTIIC was announced earlier this week on Tuesday by Lisa Monaco, assistant to President Obama for homeland security and counterterrorism. Monaco noted that the new analysis center will not be collecting new intelligence information. The full scope of its operations will be analysis of information collected by other agencies. In this way, Monaco noted, the functions of the CTIIC will not overlap with other agencies, making this a necessary component of the country’s cybersecurity efforts.


Monaco noted that recent cyber attacks on big names including retailers like Target and Home Depot, entertainment companies like Sony Pictures Entertainment, and even the U.S. Postal Service have underscored the importance of a comprehensive and cohesive approach to cybersecurity efforts. From IT News:


‘We are at a transformational moment in the evolution of the cyberthreat,’ she said. ‘The actions we take today — and those we fail to take — will determine whether cyberspace remains a great national asset or increasingly becomes a strategic liability, an economic and national security strength, or a source of vulnerability.’


Monaco also used the opportunity to call on Congress, “to pass a package of new cybersecurity proposals from Obama, including a national data breach notification law and a law to encourage private businesses to share information about cyberthreats in exchange for protections from customer lawsuits.”


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