Government Cloud Computing Provider

Government agencies and organizations need highly secure software and computing systems to tackle their mission critical tasks on a daily basis. Under the Cloud First policy, the Obama Administration has moved to encourage government agencies to switch to the cloud in order to eliminate unnecessary IT expenses while improving the power and performance of IT systems.United States Capitol Dome

Government agencies can leverage the cloud in a variety of ways, from basic backup to custom designed solutions tailored to deliver software that meets a niche need. Currently, the government is using cloud computing in three major areas, those being, a) storage, web hosting, and backup b) running databases identity management, and geospatial information c) email, client management, payment processing, and other administrative needs.

When working with a cloud computing provider, it’s essential that government agencies and associations make sure they are working with a provider that complies with standards in the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

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Cloud First Buyer’s Guide